Hacía mucho tiempo que no esprintaba… 😰💪 #arroguay
A no ser que el sol que hay dentro de ti esté quemando tus tripas, no lo hagas. Cuando sea verderamente el momento, si has sido elegido, sucederá por sí solo, y seguirá sucediendo hasta que mueras… O hasta que muera en ti. #livetrue

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{ longing for autumn }
'Cause you're a sky full of stars such a heavenly view. #longtimeago
Chet Faker


Sexual attraction is confusing, maddening, euphoric, even dangerous.
It drives people to extreme behavior, even unspeakable crimes.
The beating pulse, the sweating palms, the rise of chemicals in the brain are the symptoms of a much deeper, more mysterious affliction.
The mechanism that chooses and controls the objects of sexual desire can only be found in the heart of the unexplained.

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Some more photos from my favorite day in Sydney! 🎉